Shamya Karumbaiah

I’m a PhD candidate at UPenn working in the Penn Center for Learning Analytics with Dr. Ryan Baker. My research is at the intersection of machine learning and learning sciences. I study ways to promote student engagement and learning in adaptive and artificially intelligent educational systems in a fair and equitable manner. My dissertation investigates bias in the upstream sources (theory, design, methods) that shape automated decision-making in adaptive learning systems. My research involves:

  1. Building statistical and machine learning models to understand complex educational constructs such as affect, cognition, motivation, self-identity, help-seeking, and persistence.
  2. Methodological innovations in learning analytics to overcome the challenges in applying current methods to education data.
  3. And more importantly, constructing scientific and critical approaches to identifying biases and mitigating them for equitable student outcomes.

Previously, I earned an MS in computer science from UMass Amherst with an emphasis in machine learning, where I worked with Dr. Beverly P. Woolf and Dr. Ivon Arroyo. In 2016 I was a visiting researcher in learning sciences at USC ICT (Institute for Creative Technologies) working with Dr. Benjamin Nye and Dr. Mark Core. In summer 2017 I interned as a data scientist with Dr. Antonio Nucci at the Advanced Technologies and AI lab at Cisco. Between 2011-2015 after earning a BE in Computer Science from SJCE India, I worked as a software engineer at Cisco.