Shamya Karumbaiah

Relevant Ed+ML Projects

Emotion Detection Using Video Logs

The real time video stream from the tutoring system is used to detect a student's engagement levels. Patterns in facial action unit intensities is exploited to identify the causual emotional state in a student. The research studies the interactions between student emotion, engagement, learning and system design. This work was funded by US Department of Defense and is under NDA.

RL as a Service for Smarter Tutoring

Reinforcement Learning is used to pick the best next pedagogical action that is personalized to a student's state in a tutoring system. This is built as a service in a generalized library, available for consumption by an tutoring system. (SuperGLU). This work is a property of US Army Research Lab (ARL).
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Emotion Detection Using Interaction Logs

Towards building a cost effective emotional state detector for tutoring systems, the zero dollar solution is to exploit the interaction logs of a student. The best classifiers performed 38% better than chance. Needs more data and feature engineering. No third party tool was used.
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Other ML Projects


Professor Gerald Downes at UMass biology department studies zebrafish locomotive behavior by making mutations to genes and then observing changes in how they swim away from a tactile stimulus. This needs tracking the angle between the body axis and the tail tip throughout a high-speed video. ZebraSwish automates this task by using deep learning techniques.

Task: Object Recognition [Computer Vision]
Models: CNN, Image Processing
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Deep Subreddit Simulator

Reddit is a social news aggregation website with user-created sections called subreddits that are themed around a particular topic. Deep Subreddit Simulator is a bot that trains deep neural network models on individual subreddits' posts, and then generates human-like new posts.

Task: Text Generation [Natural Language Processing]
Models: RNN, Markov Chains
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